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SUP! Stand-Up Paddeling

This rapidly growing global sport started in Hawaii. It is traced back to the 1940′s in Tahiti. Stand-Up Paddling is a mix between surfing and paddling. Back in those days Waikiki beach boys stood on their Long boards and used paddles from outrigger canoes. They’d paddle out and take pictures of tourists on shore, and the sport of Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) was born.

Now referred to as Ku Hoe He’e Nalu on the Hawaiian islands, the sport is quickly gaining popularity all over the world because of its graceful simplicity and quick learning curve. It is more than just fun!! It’s an exciting and energetic way to get out on the water, an amazing way to keep fit and develop that perfect beach body.

Come with us and explore Mallorca’s coast line from a completely new angle. Enjoy the sea and ease your soul while your body is having an entire fitness workout. For the intermediate, Sometimes Mallorca can offer a little wave, get your first step into it or learn how to carve turns on them.


…come, try and get addicted!

And become a part of the coolest and fastest growing board sports ever around the globe !