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How to learn windsurfing with us …

You’re completely new to windsurfing? Or would you like to improve on your windsurf skills? Surf Garage instructed windsurfing lessons are perfect for you, to up your game and get the max out of your windsurfing.

If you are a beginner, we get you up and windsurfing in your very first session, that’s the Surf Garage guarantee! On your first session, we’ll take you through the techniques, with windsurfing tips to help you master steering on a basic board and first steps of sail control.

Once you’ve grasped the basics we guide you through the steps to windsurfing success, progressively moving you to a smaller board with a larger sail, as your confidence and ability increase. You’ll be amazed just how quick you can pick windsurfing up!

For more experienced or advanced windsurfers our instructors will help you to focus on getting the most out of your windsurfing technique. Helping you achieve more advanced manouevers such as Fast Tack, Jibes, Beachstarts and more .. just ask for the one you wanna learn!


Taster lesson Check it out … Is it your sport? 2h full of practice.
Beginner Course Discover a new passion, 8h including all equipment, knowledge of equipment, right way to Start, Board control, Steering and Tacking.
Kidscourse Kids under 12 years, that have special needs. Full of Play, they will learn with special light and easy to handle material the art to windsurf. 10h including all material.
Step by Step You wanna get futher? We take you to the next level!
Private Lesson One on One with an experienced windsurf instructors

…come, try and get addicted!

or to say it in Jem Hall’s words :

Windsurfing is an amazing, and life changing, once you have the feel for it you want that speed, airtime and ocean realigment forever.